on[Pg 84] an e▓mpty bed in the smaller hospital, very mu●ch to the dismay and terror of the three co▓nsumptives who slept there.But they kick●ed up such a row that they were▓ allowed to sleep in our section. ● The next morning when I went on an ▓errand into the next room I stopped to▓ gaze on the body of Fritz.The ch●ange that had taken place was startling.Duri●ng the

roud, which
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few months that Fritz had pa▓ssed in the hospital, although ●disciplined and silent like most old co●nvicts, he always wore a peculiarly shif▓ty, sneering expression on his reddish face▓.No


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w it was wax white, the eyelid●s had opened, and the pale blue eyes● were staring at me with a peac▓eful, angelic expression.For an inst●ant I gasped at the thought that he might▓ have come


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back to life, and I called● out: Fritz! Fritz! but no answer came, and o●nly the gentle, inscrutable smile persisted.▓I touched his cheek.It was cold and hard.But▓ I could not explain the a

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lmost miraculous chan●ge in the expression of[Pg 85]▓ the face.Suddenly it dawned upon me that ▓death had released the unclean spirit, and left ▓the body to go back to mother ▓earth as clea

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n as it had been co▓nceived. Soon four convict▓s came into the room; one, a ga●ngster, with a broken nose, and bead●y, black eyes, asked me: Where is the s▓tiff As in prison language sti

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ff is ▓also the name used for newspap▓ers, I looked at him foolishly and a●nswered that I had none.He added in explanatio●n: I mean the guy that croaked last night. ▓ Neither the keeper n

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or the convicts relished● the post-prandial funeral....Death had co●me so suddenly and informall●y, and had left his victim in the enemy's▓ camp, to be carried to the mor▓gue, and later to be buried on a convi●ct's island without benefit of clerg▓y. IV Before the old t

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